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Woman Seen From The Color of Liptstick

Men usually see women of their body parts. from top to bottom. Physical appearance is still the benchmark for men. No wonder if they crave a woman who has a perfect body shape. But not only the shape of the lips that could reveal the personality of a woman. Through the outward appearance of the color of lipstick on the lips, it also contains a certain meaning.

Instant assessment about a woman's personality can be expressed through their choice of lipstick color. Generally there are three options chosen lipstick palette ladies, namely light, pale, and dark.

woman seen from the color of liptstick

Bright Colors
Angela Wright, a color psychologist in British judge women use bright colors to attract attention. Women who chose the color red for lipstick, means the person is confident. The color can also make a woman feel sexier. "As a basic color psychology, the color red can stimulate physically," said Angela.

If the red color combined with a black dress, was arrested aggressive impression. However, if the exact equivalent, it is capable of emitting red friendliness and openness.

While the colors paler, more widely used shy woman. If they use the red lipstick, it shrunk her confidence. They do not want to invite the attention of the crowd. According to them, a lipstick with a pale palette of colors is a safe choice.

There are also some women who choose lipstick with dark colors. According to Angela, the color was considered not friendly. "The darker the color, the less light is reflected. Especially black, did not bring anything," he said.

Dark colors
Dark lipstick is often used by women who want to seal their personality. Introverted nature that is regarded as an unfriendly impression.

Here are some other lipstick colors commonly used by women, and the meaning behind it:

Women who choose a lipstick with the color brown, usually individually. This color is impressive women feel warm and comfortable with her own personal. Usually they tend to be independent, perfectionist, and not easily provoked emotions.

This color exudes warmth. Women who choose this color for lipstick, means having an open personality and have a sense of humor. Psychologically, the effect of the color orange can increase oxygen to the brain and stimulates mental activity.

Palette that is often associated with love and tenderness. Women who chose the color pink, may seem soft, beautiful, and young. In addition, pink also make women look plain. No wonder that pink lipstick is often used by women on a first date.

Symbolizes opulence, strength, as well as a sense of mystery. In addition to romantic, this color is also impressive excessive confidence. Women who use purple lipstick tends to have a dominant trait.

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