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How to Attract and Seduce A Pisces Man. Make a Piscean Male fall in love with you. - Relationships - Love

If you want a Pisces man you need to know what makes him tick and what he finds irresistible. The following is a strategy which can help you to seduce a Pisces man and make him fall in love with you.

What you need to know about this man

He is a man unlike any other astrological type: a Piscean is sensitive and emotional and, often, a romantic at heart. He is a bit of a dreamer and can be an eccentric man at heart, of appear to be eccentric, because of his emotionally and spiritually based personality; but it is this unique personality of his which creates some of the best traits of the typical Pisces man, such as his compassion, his intuition, his creativity, his generosity, his kindness, his adaptability, his devotion, his receptiveness and his peaceful nature. Some men from this astrological sign take this further and become highly mystical and/or artistic and, if it's the case of your chosen man, you need to encourage this aspect of him rather than criticize it or belittle it. He will feel better understood and more emotionally fulfilled if his woman or his best friend appreciates this mystical side of him.

Some may be shy, introverted, at times secretive and may be even living a reclusive life, not because they are lacking but because they have more mysticism and spirituality inside of them than most other Zodiac signs. Perhaps, the only not-so-great aspects of his personality stemming from his nature may be his absent-mindedness, his forgetfulness, his disorganization and, for some, the way he is 'impractical' about things (since he is more of an idealist than a down-to-earth, practical type of man). All in all, however, the Pisces man is a wonderful man; if you are in love with him, you have good reasons. A typical man from this astrological sign is a wonderful, loyal companion; he is emotionally a true 'catch', in that he excels in all the aspects of a relationship which are truly important, such as loyalty, kindness, compassion, gentleness.

But what about seducing a Pisces Man?

For some people, seducing this man is extremely easy: they met and both felt that they 'clicked' somehow, that they had some emotional or spiritual 'connection'; the Piscean man can be easily 'swept off his feet'. On the other hand, sometimes this Zodiac sign can appear to be a difficult man to 'conquer' emotionally because he may seem not to make any effort to show you any real interest. This is because some members of this astrological sign prefer to 'wait for things to happen naturally' and will therefore not take the initiative, unlike most other men on the planet!

This can be very frustrating to a woman who, understandably, wants a man who is at least capable of showing interest in her! If you think your chosen man lacks on the initiative front, you will have to be the one taking the lead. This will be easier if you are romantically inclined, because you can create romantic situations and scenarios which will at least attract his attention, since the typical Pisces man is very romantic. Don't overdo it, of course, because you always have to make him think that things are happening 'naturally', without forcing the situation, because he is the kind of man who likes to 'go with the flow', who believes in things happening 'by themselves'. So, you can hint, show your romantic and even spiritual side and provide a romantic environment; you have to 'inspire' this man without appearing to 'force' him into anything. It's a fine line and you will have to be very careful psychologically not to cross it.

You can always discuss matters of spirituality, philosophy and philanthropy with him, in an emotional or passionate manner, in a way that engages his feelings and makes him think he's connecting with you intuitively. This man likes to have his imagination stimulated, so never fail to do so; making him fall in love with you (and keeping him in love with you) is a fine dance of imagination, intuition and feelings.


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